At The Convent, we believe in a sustainable ethos, taking steps so each stay has a minimal eco footprint.

Recycling & waste

We sort all of our guest room waste, so it is sorted and recycled accordingly. We also use Ecopack compostable bin liners in the room rubbish bin instead of plastic bin liners.

Our products

All the cleaning products used at The Convent are made in NZ and eco friendly.

Room servicing

We have a reduced room cleaning and servicing policy, offering a full room clean every four days. This ensures no excessive use of chemical cleaning products and reduced water usage.

Single use elimination

In efforts to eliminate single use items, we use refillable products in our guest bathrooms along with reusable hand towels in our communal bathrooms. Where possible we limit printing of emails, reservations and general paperwork, but if we do need to print, then we try to reuse the paper.

Energy saving

To save energy, we use LED lights and sensor lights.